God’s Grand Game

I was privileged to receive an early copy of the newest book written by Steven Colborne of Perfect Chaos. Steven was so kind to agree to answer some follow up questions I had about his latest venture. I especially enjoyed reading this book knowing I would actually get to ask the author some follow up questions!

I generally enjoy learning about the different ideas people have about life, love, God, family, etc… This book absolutely delivered on this! I found Steven’s book absolutely fascinating. He presents a unique and valuable perspective on God. I found myself thinking deeply about the ideas he presented long after I was done reading. If a book can make you think beyond the words written on the page, then I think it has accomplished something quite special.

If you are in search of a quick, intriguing read, I would recommend you treat yourself to a copy of this new title, God’s Grand Game. Without further adieu, on to the interview:

  1. Your book was quite intriguing, in that I have never heard of someone with your same perspective before.  How long have you been writing your book and refining your ideas?

Firstly, thank you so much Ashley for agreeing to do this interview, I’m always very grateful for the opportunity to share my philosophical perspective.

This book is the result of a spiritual journey which started when my mother passed away after a long and gruelling illness in 2003. Watching my mother suffer made me ask big questions about the meaning of life, and I subsequently immersed myself in the spiritual practices of many diverse faith groups on a quest for Truth.

I became particularly interested in the divine sovereignty versus human free will problem, which is at the heart of God’s Grand Game. I have been studying and thinking about this particular subject for the last ten years or so, and have already written two books with similar themes. God’s Grand Game is the most complete and thorough exposition of my philosophical perspective to date.

2) The title of your book “God’s Grand Game” goes hand in hand with the title you give God of ‘Animator,’ does the thought of this whole life just being a game for an all-powerful being bother you at all?  Or does this bring you peace?  Either way, why?

Once I arrived at an understanding that God is in control of everything that happens, this gave me a great deal of peace. As all Christians do, I had been struggling with the guilt that reading the Bible makes us feel in relation to sin. Recognising that God is in control of every aspect of our lives lifts the Christian’s burden, because the truth is we can never do anything that is not the will of God for our lives.

Now if you’re reading this and thinking it raises a lot of questions in terms of morality and justice, don’t worry, there is a whole section of the book dedicated to explaining my views on this.

3) Why do you think it is that God does not reveal himself to everyone all of the time?

I believe this is all part of the game of life, which is the way God chooses to use the infinite amount of time He has at His disposal. God creates a diverse range of opinions and beliefs in His creatures, and is able to create a kind of ‘veil’ where we may not be aware of Him. I myself spent many years as an atheist with no awareness of God at all. Some people will live their entire lives with no revelation of the reality of God, and yet God is controlling their thoughts and lives as well.

I think it’s highly likely that God will reveal Himself to everyone at some time, although for many people this may not be before death. This doesn’t make their lives any less valuable or less a part of God’s plan.

4) You mentioned that as a teenager you were a staunch atheist.  How do you feel like your life has changed since transitioning from atheist to theist?

So much has changed! When I became a Christian, I was very evangelical. My life became about seeing people saved rather than material and bodily pleasures. I started to consider the moral implications of my actions in relation to Biblical teaching for the first time, and prayer became a central part of my life. There was also a huge amount of fear at first, as the Bible makes us feel very guilty in relation to sin.

Although I don’t identify as a Christian these days I still have an awareness of God in my daily life; I converse with God and pray to Him regularly. I feel as though the Bible opened the door to my theism, but my faith has developed and expanded since I first became a believer.

5) With this huge shift in thinking, what do you wish you could go back and tell your teenage self?

Believing as I do that God has been in control of everything I’ve ever done, I cannot say there’s anything I would ask my teenage self to change, for I believe everything I’ve been through has been God’s will for my life. If I had to say anything to my teenage self, it would probably be… you’re not going to believe the change that you’re going to experience!

6) In your experience, how do Christians respond to your unique perspective on God?

Christians tend to be very enthusiastic about their faith, and due to the fear of judgment will not embrace non-Christian theology easily. So, it’s been a real struggle trying to get people to understand and embrace my perspective. I would say that only a very small number of people have been persuaded by my work so far, mainly due to the Christian fear of judgment if they were to change the way they saw their faith.

I totally understand this, because I was the same for many years. Christianity is in some ways quite cultish, in that it creates a fear of leaving that is very strong. I face an ongoing struggle to get Christians to consider my perspective with an open mind.

7) You write with such certainty about your ideas, where does your conviction come from?

All I can say is that it comes from God! Also, having been deeply lost and confused for so many years while I was searching spiritually, when I landed upon some deep and important truths it made me feel like my life has a purpose (sharing those truths). I hope your readers will check out the book and then we can all have a dialogue about the ideas presented therein. I’m sure there are insights in the book that will make people think deeply and differently about all the big questions surrounding our existence. It’s my great passion to explore ultimate truth, and I’m pretty convinced that’s why God has placed me on this planet.


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God’s Grand Game is available worldwide as a paperback, hardback, and eBook, through Amazon and all other major retailers.


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